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sustainable styling for every body


why the world needs


Sustainability in fashion is predominantly a myth and a marketing ploy.

There really isn't anything you can buy that is "good" for the planet, which is
 why my personal approach to responsible, ethical, and sustainable styling doesn't emphasize new products as the  solution.

Rather, my holistic approach places you, your values, and your personal sense of style at the center, which enables you to:

-Reduce Your Impact
-Save Time and Money
-Be Your Most Authentic Self

ABOUT The stylist

Timothy Parent has a unique understanding of and approach to the fashion system.

Timothy started his research at Harvard University with his thesis on the difference between clothing, fashion, and style, where he formed a strong theoretical foundation for how the fashion system should function to benefit all people and the environment. He found that if people prioritized their personal sense of style over fashion then there'd be many positive impacts on the individual, the industry, and the planet... read more about this here.

After graduating in 2009 during the financial crisis, Timothy moved to Shanghai, China to conduct field research and work in various aspects of the fashion industry. He was soon recognized as one of the "Top 10 Most Influential People in the Chinese Fashion Industry" and used his position to help educate consumers on how, what, and why to buy.

Most recently, Timothy launched Reforme to help people around the world understand the paradox of "sustainable fashion" and to use this information to build a stronger sense of style that's more responsible, more ethical, and even more you!


How I Can Help You

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In-Person Services

Get in-person, sustainable styling services (Seattle-area)



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