Affiliate Program

The Reforme U Affiliate Program has landed!

As a Sustainable Style Ambassador you can:

-empower individuals
-affect positive systemic change
-earn money for yourself or a non-profit

For each person you empower you'll earn a 25% commission, with no limit on how much you can earn / donate!
3 Simple Steps

Start Earning Commissions


Join for free! Simply send your request for a unique URL via email


Share your unique link and we'll track every page you share


Earn 25% for yourself or for an approved non-profit, listed below

Support a non-profit

As a Sustainable Style Ambassador you have the option to keep your commission or to donate it to a non-profit. Below are some non-profits that have been vetted by Reforme U that you can donate to, and we'll continue to update this list so that you can support your favorite organization... If you'd like to see an non-profit added to this list please email us with your request.

Fashion Revolution USA

Best option for: humans who love holistic approaches

Fashion Revolution USA advocates for a clean, safe, fair, transparent & accountable fashion industry through research, education, collaboration, mobilization & advocating for policy changes needed across the US.


Best option for: humans who love workers' rights

Remake is a global advocacy organization fighting for fair pay and climate justice within the clothing industry.

When fashion brands commit to paying garment workers higher wages, this fuels a positive chain reaction of reduced output, higher quality products and a greener footprint. Investing in workers is an investment in people and the planet.

Collective Fashion Justice

Best option for: humans who love animal rights

Collective Fashion Justice's mission is to illuminate the interlinked injustices in fashion supply chains that harm the planet, people and our fellow animals. By uprooting their intertwined harm, we work to create a total ethics fashion system.

Slow Factory

Best option for: humans who love holistic justice

Slow Factory is an environmental & social justice nonprofit organization.

Since 2012, Slow Factory has worked at the intersections of climate and culture to build partnerships and community to advance climate-positive global movements through the lens of human rights, science, technology, and fashion.

Common Questions

1. Are there any fees or costs associated with becoming an affiliate?

There is no sign up fee or cost associated with becoming an affiliate.

2. How long do the cookies last?

90 days... So if someone you refer makes a purchase within 90 days then you'll always be credited with their purchases on Reforme U.

3. What products do I earn a commission on?

You can earn a 25% commission on all products and services offered. There is no limit on how much commission you can earn / donate to a non-profit.

4. Is there an agreement that I need to accept before becoming an affiliate?

Yes, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

5. Can I stop promoting Reforme U at any time?

Yes, there are no obligations.
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