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Reforme's services are for fashion experts and novices alike.

Each individual is unique in both their style and their needs, which is why services are a-la-carte and fully customizable. All services are available online and in-person, and come with a free consultation session to learn more about you and your goals.


book hours

sample services

closet analysis

A deep dive into your closet to better understand your clothes, style, and existing options

Folding & Garment-Care

An essential part of protecting and getting the most out of your clothes as possible

intentional shopping

An online and/or offline shopping service to find the best deals on items that align style & values

new look documenting

A documentation session so you never forget key looks, how to style them, and when to wear

Styling for Occasions

Get styled for weddings, interviews, birthdays, vacations, events, or special moments


A plan that we co-create to help guide your sustainable style evolution for years to come

restyling session

A styling session that shops from your own closet and existing pieces, no purchases necessary

purchase review

A session to review purchases for value, function, and how to best integrate new pieces