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3 Sustainable New Year Challenges, From Easy to Fun!

People love to make resolutions, but sometimes they are really hard to keep... I'm sure a couple people reading this have tried to buy more responsibly, ethically, and sustainably, but have given up because it was either too confusing, too impractical, or too expensive.

That's why I wanted to make a New Year Challenge that was relatively easy... We don't need a few people doing everything perfectly, but we could really use everyone doing a few things!

So my challenge to you is to choose one of the challenges below and see if you can stick with it all year... And if you're reading this after the New Year or Lunar New Year, remember that there's no perfect date to make the changes you actually want to.

So here are the challenges, from easiest to hardest:

-Stop Buying Fast Fashion (free!)

-Buy Dryer Balls (low cost)

-Invest in 1 Piece (set your own budget)

Here are a few more details about each challenge if you'd like to take a meaningful step forward (both for yourself and for others!)

Challenge 1: Stop Buying Fast Fashion

This challenge is free to participate in and will even save you money!

You should consider this challenge because fast fashion is not only bad for the environment, but it's also hurting people through modern slavery... When brands produce at scale, a lot of work is subcontracted and there are often unsafe and even exploitative environments that many poor people, people of color, and women and young girls are forced to work in... And that doesn't even touch on the wasteful nature of fast fashion.

Some brands to definitely avoid include: Shein, Forever 21, Fashion Nova, Boohoo, Zara, H&M, and Charlotte Russe.

And please comment below with other brands that people should avoid because of the harm they cause to people and/or the planet!

Challenge 2: Buy Dryer Balls

This is my favorite eco product I've ever bought because it's easy, convenient, saves time, saves money, and helps to save the environment! They will help you eliminate dryer sheets, which are a single-use plastic generally made from polyester (oil). If you want to buy them but you want to save packaging and carbon from shipping, then you can look to buy some for one of your local stores... If you need to purchase online, here are a couple of great options:

$9.50 for 4 Wool Dryer Balls from Public Goods

These dryer balls are made from wool and cotton and are all natural, biodegradable, cruelty free, eco friendly, and fragrance free (according to their website).

$18 for 3 Wool Dryer Balls from Blueland

These dryer balls are made from New Zealand wool and is fully compostable (they don't say backyard compostable so they will most likely need to be industrially composted), as they are made without glues, petroleum, or chemical residue.

If you really have to buy Dryer Balls from Amazon then it is still a net win for the environment, but please try and support smaller and/or more ethical businesses than Amazon!

Challenge 3: Invest in 1 Piece

This is certainly the most expensive challenge, but it's also the most fun! Also, the budget is completely up to you and you shoudn't spend more than you can afford.

This is a challenge because I want people to think differently about clothes... They shouldn't be cheap trash, but rather objects that we invest in because we live our lives in them, we don't want to hurt people or the planet with our purchases, and it's actually cheaper in the long run to invest in your clothes.

One way to change how you think about clothes is not the cost you see on the price tag, but rather the cost per wear. When you invest in something, it should be high quality (high price does not always equal high quality though), which means it will last longer and you can wear it more.

I would not invest heavily in t-shirts, underwear, or socks, as those items tend to bear the brunt of wear & tear... Rather, invest in a jacket, top, pants, bag, jewelry, or some other accessory if you want to make sure your investment lasts as long as possible.

The best part of this challenge is that, as long as you truly love the piece, you'll LOVE it every single time you get to wear it instead of being excited to wear something just because it's new... Look for something timeless, and you'll start building up a high-quality, high-value wardrobe that will excite you every time you get dressed!

And if you end up doing this challenge, please let me know what you ended up buying! And if you need help in finding the right piece to invest in, then please reach out!!

Happy 2023 ^-^

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