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Learn more about style and sustainability, as well as Timothy and his previous work... and how you can tap into Reforme's resources to help you save money, reduce your impact, and be your most authentic self!

What is Style?

Style = Fashion + The Self

To learn more about Timothy's unique perspective on style, check out this blog post and/or book a free consultation with Timothy.

What is sustainability?

The term "sustainable" is a loaded one... it is an umbrella term for more specific terms such as circular, regenerative, compostable, zero-waste, etc.; and for non-specific terms such as green and eco. The result is that "sustainable" now means everything and nothing at all.

Unfortunately, the entire movement for sustainability has been muddled by marketing and money grabs. People like you want to do the right thing, but brands are making it almost impossible to do so.


And that's why I started Reforme Styling.

I want to help people understand what "sustainable" truly is and how we can integrate sustainability into our lives, without any sacrifices.

If you want to learn more about sustainability in materials you can access Reforme's material database.

About Timothy

Timothy Headshot copy.jpg

General Introduction Timothy has a unique understanding of and approach to the fashion system. Timothy started his research at Harvard University with his thesis on the difference between clothing, fashion, and style, where he formed a strong theoretical foundation for how the fashion system should function to benefit all people and the environment... He found that if people prioritized their personal sense of style over fashion then there'd be many positive impacts on the individual, the industry, and the planet. After graduating in 2009 during the financial crisis, Timothy moved to Shanghai, China to conduct field research and work in various aspects of the fashion industry. He was soon recognized as one of the "Top 10 Most Influential People in the Chinese Fashion Industry" and used his position to help educate consumers on how, what, and why to buy. Most recently, Timothy launched Reforme to help people around the world understand the paradox of "sustainable fashion" and to use this information to build a stronger sense of style that's more responsible, more ethical, and even more you!

Styling Philosophy Timothy believes strongly in manifesting the self through style. He was reluctant to become a stylist, as he never wanted to impose his sense of style on others because he understood that everyone has their own unique point of view. This led Timothy to his only regret in life, when he turned down an offer to style Keanu Reeves for the premiere of Man of Tai Chi at the beginning of his career. Since then, Timothy has embraced the challenge of working with brands and individuals alike to unlock their unique sense of style. Timothy has worked with designers, stores, fashion weeks, magazines, celebrities, and even governments to shift the industry to become more responsible, ethical, and sustainable. Timothy is now taking his penchant for styling to any and every individual who wants to look good, feel good, and do good. He helps clients to not only become the best versions of themselves, but to also become educated consumers and advocates for values that they care about.

Additional Work Timothy is currently an Executive in Residence at Fashioneering where he consults with global brands on the intersection of fashion, sustainability, culture, and DEIB. Additionally, Timothy is soon starting, a position on the Board of Directors for a leading fashion non-profit which advocates for a clean, safe, and fair fashion system (announcement coming soon)! Timothy is also the Co-Founder of Harvard Alumni for Fashion, Luxury, & Retail, as well as Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment. Both SIGs (Shared-Interest Groups) educate and activate Harvard alumni and their communities to make meaningful change in their areas of interest. Lastly, Timothy is an advisor for Auroboros, the world's first digital couture brand, as well as Adaptista, an award-winning adaptive fashion platform.

Sample work

Selected Press

Selected Press

NYTimes Timothy Parent
New York Times Timothy Parent
Forbes Timothy Parent
Screen shot 2011-11-16 at 6.46.42 PM
Modern Weekly 66-68 copy
MW67 copy
China Fashion Collective in WWD
China Fashion Collective in WWD II
Fashion Harvard Style


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